Where can I find a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? Things you must know

Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? The answer is absolute “NO”. Some Vietnamese hair factories have their sales representatives in Lagos. In case you are just starting human hair extensions business or looking into its potential; wanting to dig for more reliable information about it. Here’s the article for you, everything you need to know about the Vietnam hair factory in Lagos will be revealed.

1.Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? And the truth about it

how to start hair business in Nigeria

The hair extension industry in Nigeria is developing very strongly day by day. The greater the demand for beauty, the more and more the market for hair extensions grows. Regrettably, there are NO VIETNAM HAIR FACTORY in Nigeria. So if you are from Nigeria and you want to find a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor in Nigeria to buy in-store? No way for you, you can't find any Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria. Most of the wholesale hair suppliers in Nigeria have to import hair in bulk from Vietnamese hair vendors list to get the best factory price. There square measure several reasons for this just like the skilful expertise of the employee to produce hair, material, the provision of manufactures in Nigeria,… then up until now.


2. How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria?

Probably you wonder “How to start hair business in Negria?” without any Vietnam human hair vendors there. We’re showing you how. Most hair extensions will have two ways to source hair for business: agency and direct import from Vietnamese human hair wholesalers.
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2.1. By agency 

All hair extensions vendors in Nigeria are retailers that import hair extensions from international hair factories such as Vietnam, China, India, Russia, and other countries. 

Therefore, the origin of wigs in Nigeria varies widely and is dictated by the quality of each source. More specifically, Vietnam Hair Extensions is considered the main supplier for the Nigerian market. More than 80% of Nigeria's hair providers have recognized Vietnamese Virgin Hair works as a political candidate supplier and have signed a long contract with them as a result of the Vietnamese market having enough raw materials to fulfil their desires.
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Vietnam hair factory in Lagos

2.2. Imported directly from hair factories (Vietnam, India, China,...)

When starting a hair business, quality is the key to keeping customers. Because customers are willing to pay for high-quality products (even though the price may be higher elsewhere). That's why hair traders choose to import directly from the Vietnam hair company. Normally, Vietnam hair price is a little higher than other sources. However, hair from the best hair factory in Vietnam is diverse, good quality, long-lasting, durable. In addition, They are fully experienced in this field and can give you tailored advice on how to start a hair business, which styles should or should not be purchased, which hairstyles are dry and prone to tangles, etc.

3. The best way of “How to start hair business in Nigeria?”

how to start hair business

3.1. Pros and cons of buying Hair Extensions in Nigeria in-store

Nigeria is the country that uses Virgin hair extensions the most in the world. With such great demand, there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos, people have chosen to buy hair from wholesale hair extension suppliers. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage

  • Always in stock:

Hair bundles are always available in hair extensions vendors Nigeria stock, so the time for customers to receive the goods is usually fast. After contacting the human hair suppliers and finding the hair products you want, it will only take a few days to receive the item.

  • Good quality hair extensions: 

Since they're resellers, from the terribly starting they need such as all the standards per the restrictive needs. Wholesale hair uses foreign, high-quality, high-standard products that square measure completely tested before being placed on the market.

  • Diversity: 

Hair wholesalers will provide customers with a wide range of choices by importing hair from Vietnam, China, India... There are many hair products to suit the customer's pocket, wholesalers will be divided into various segments from expensive to cheap. 

The disadvantage

  • THE PRICE IS HIGHER than other countries:

Most products of hair extensions suppliers are imported, so the price will be more expensive. They are just retail hair items in their own country.

Wholesale hair vendors cannot manage their own operations due to dependence on foreign hair factories. In some situations, they may not deliver the product when you need it because they have to order from other countries.


In order to create a variety of hairstyles and colors to attract customers, hair vendors Nigeria use a lot of chemicals to give shine to the hair. Because the hair is always greasy, they will use chemicals to make hair less dry. But after using it for a short time, customers will feel dry, frizzy.


Hair is imported from many factories in different countries such as Vietnam, India, China,... it's hard to tell what quality they are. If the buyer confuses and buys with Virgin hair, Remy and non-Remy hair, after a period of use the hair will gradually lose and become tangled.

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3.2. Should I start Hair Business in Nigeria With a Vietnamese Hair Factory?

Nowadays, the demand for wigs is growing and they have more and more stringent requirements for product quality. Therefore, businesses are very confused about whether to start a hair business in Nigeria while not finding a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos? Here, I will give you reasons to prove it is a great idea to do business with Vietnamese Hair Manufacturers.
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  1. About the quality of hair extension

The best Vietnamese hair vendors are still doing their best to grow strongly and towards the goal of becoming the largest supplier of hair extensions worldwide.

Vietnamese hair is famous for its long-lasting, best-quality hair on the market under many weather conditions. Vietnamese women use natural conditioners to nourish their hair to keep it smooth and in perfect order.

Vietnam hair factory

  1. About reasonable price

The Vietnam hair price is suitable for the buyer's pocket so that they can optimize the fee for importing hair extensions. Vietnamese hair distributors accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal, Payoneer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, USDT, or Bank Transfer.

At a reasonable price from 8 USD/bundle

The Vietnamese hair price is reasonable, although it is higher than that of foreign hair suppliers because the quality of Vietnamese goods is many times higher.

  1. About customer service

Vietnam hair manufacturers always have a guarantee policy to ensure all customers have a product that matches their money.

- Return and exchange policy

- Warranty Policy

- Customer care

- Shipping support

In order to bring satisfaction to customers, raw Vietnamese hair vendors always improve production techniques, customer care services, ... So when looking for a collaborator, please consider the above conditions to make the best decisions. 

4. Why do Vietnam Hair Extensions provide the best quality products?

Below are a few reasons why Vietnamese hair extensions are the best and hair businesses always want to have a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

4.1. Why Vietnam Hair Extensions is the best choice for Wholesale Hair Suppliers Business

Hair extension suppliers in Vietnam are proud to bring the best quality at a reasonable cost. Vietnamese hair has a wide selection of hair extensions to help you choose the most suitable hair extensions for consumers, especially international customers. Hair is collected from young girls with straight and strong hair without any stimulants. Therefore, this advantage will give you the best Vietnamese hair wigs, especially those who have to increase their appearance.

VQ Hair has been recognized as one of the best hair factories in Vietnam, providing the best extension products. Even there is no Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. You can buy Vietnamese hair online.

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4.2 Vietnam Hair Structure - Hair supplier not to be missed.

  •  Healthy hair because the donors meticulously cared for it by natural methods. 

  •  The hair is made by skilful craftsmen.

  •  The hair is thick, smooth, and silky so it can hold curls and softness. 

Vietnam hair factory Nigeria

4.3 Vietnamese Virgin Hair Factory - The best place to manufacture and wholesale for Suppliers

  • Although Vietnam hair prices are higher than from other suppliers, but most of them are double drawn hair extensions which is the best quality.

Extensive information of Double drawn hair.

  • Customers are willing to pay for high-quality products, so you can build a loyal customer profile first. There’s no need for a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, you can import directly Vietnamese human hair wigs, extensions and resell it to make money.

4.4 Feedback about Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria’s customers 

Almost all the top hair suppliers in Vietnam offer high-quality Vietnam Remy hair at low prices. It is surprising that hairdressers in Vietnam are rated as very beautiful and stylish. That's why so many overseas buyers are interested in buying Vietnamese hair. Below is customer feedback at VQ Hair, which you can refer to. 

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VQ Hair is a hair vendor with more than 15 years of experience in the field of hair production. Different from many other suppliers is the Vietnamese hair factory supplies 100% pure Vietnam Virgin hair high-quality with the best hair bundles prices worldwide, including Brazil, Russia, the USA, and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc).

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We know that it will be complicated to find a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. So that you feel comfortable looking for a companion but don't have time to find one. VQ Hair is always here to solve your problems and meet your needs accordingly. 


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