Vietnam Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Vietnam Hair Vendors

Vietnam hair factory has been quite popular with people loving hair extensions recently. Vietnamese hair was notable by its delightfully astounding surface. It is highly intriguing to find out about the leading 5 well-known Vietnamese hair factories. To set aside your time and cash, not purchase wrong items with the lousy quality of hair. Or set aside a ton of effort to discover Vietnamese suppliers that sells incredible things for you. We will show you some here on this subject!

I. Overview about Vietnam hair factory 

In recent years, the Vietnamese hair market has blossomed and become the favorite address of the raw hair vendor list in the world. Find out the main reasons why Vietnam hair factory was chosen as a reputable Vietnam hair vendor.

All about Vietnam hair factory

1.1. Which hair material does the Vietnamese Hair Factory use?

Characteristics of hair embody its healthy origin and natural options. It's these outstanding options that build the simplest quality hair within the Vietnam hair extensions trade. In general, Vietnamese hair factories often use Vietnam Virgin hair or Vietnam Remy hair, few places use non-remy hair to make hair for production materials.
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Vietnamese hair bundles are from healthy Origin

Donor: Good and strong hair is collected from one or multiple Vietnamese women who live in mountainous areas, usually from girls between 18 and 20 years old. Especially, they do not smoke and drink alcohol. Therefore, the hair quality is always in the best condition: strong and beautiful.

Haircare process: If you wash your hair with natural ingredients instead of chemical shampoos, you can keep the softness and shine of your hair. In addition, these hair types will not be permed, pressed, and styled before cutting to keep whole the purity of the hair.

Natural features of Vietnam raw hair

Natural Dark Hair: Vietnam hair is famous for its natural color gives a fresh look to the wearer of this particular hairstyle. With this hair color, when you buy it, you can dye, curl, and style it according to the customer's request.

Strong and durable: This hair type is famous for its long-lasting durability, which can be moded into different curls and waves without being damaged like other hair types. As we mentioned, intact hair will last longer than chemically treated extensions, even a year or more.

 Natural human hair from Vietnamese hair factory

1.2. Manufacturing process of Vietnamese hair factory

Due to product characteristics, hair extensions are only make-to-orders instead of make-to-stock. To ensure that the end products are of the right standards and fit customer requirements, Vietnam hair factories such as VQ Hair must develop strict production processes.

1. Select raw hair material to specific standards for each hair type
2. Rule out short and bad quality hair.
3. Machine weft
4. Cleaning and dyeing
5. Clean and soak with conditioners
6. Styling hair: Depending on the hair texture, the styling process will vary.
7. Air drying
8. Check the end product quality: Only products that meet standards and fit customer's requirements will be shipped to the customer.

1.3. Hot hair products from Vietnamese hair factory

You want to import hair from Vietnam and wonder which hair type to choose? Featured product lines such as Vietnamese hair wigs, Vietnamese hair weave with diverse textures, lengths and colors. Then here are some suggestions for you:

  • Bone straight hair:  Bone Straight hair helps you achieve youthful, fresh beauty. Hair also requires low maintenance, easy to use, does not require styling. Because of this convenience, bone straight hair extensions are always in the top selling hair extensions every year. Compared with curly hair extensions of the same color and length, bone straight is cheaper.

  • Natural hair: Natural straight hair is on the bestseller list not because of its fashion but because of its characteristics. Hair shops and hair salons order in large quantities this type of hair, from a few tens of kilograms to several hundred kilograms to dye and create other fashionable hair textures. This is a purest hair, completely not chemically processed, so it is imported by hair businesses as a raw material to create other trendy hair textures. 

  • Wavy and Curly hair: If you are interested in wavy curly hair bundles, then VQ Hair Factory has a few suggestions for you, these are all popular hair textures and are loved by many hair fans. If you sell these hair types, you will surely sell them out very quickly: deep curly, pixie curly, kinky curly, egg curly, body wavy, loose wavy, deep wave.

    Hot products from Vietnam hair factory

II. What is the best hair factory in Vietnam? 

Nowadays, you can find a lot of information floating on the Internet about the best hair salon in Vietnam. But, what is a good hair factory? What are the factors to evaluate a fine hair factory? 

VQ Hair Factory is ranked as the leading hair factory in Vietnam, with over 15 years of experience in every aspect of human hair extension. Supplying hair extensions to hair companies, traders and hair businesses worldwide.

The factors that make VQ Hair become a long-term business partner of thousands of hair businesses around the world.

The best Vietnam hair factory

1. 15 years experience in manufacturing and supplying hair extensions

VQ hair factory was birthed many years ago in Vietnam with experience. With the best hair bundles to buy with top quality just as the absolute best help, hair weave got bunches of customers' reliable acceptable remarks and reactions and are generally liked for contemporary young ladies.

2. 15-Day Guarantee

In case you are not 100% totally happy with your product(s), you can return it for all things considered within 15 days.

3. The raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors 

We have our own personal processing plant, and our hair is a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor cost. Bringing down the transitional web connections and rations, you have an extraordinary arrangement.

4. Quality Guarantee

All the hair things we sell are 100% unadulterated human hair extensions from Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam. No corrosive, no colored, and any synthetic preparation can be colored or blonde any tone without help from anyone else, Can be level pressed and style once more.
At VQ hair factory, we have many Vietnamese hair grades such as single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair. 

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5. Different Benefits

Moreover, you can get numerous advantages if you select VQ Hair - raw Vietnamese hair company- discount super hair factory. Like Competitive Wholesale Rate, Customer Label Available Expedited Shipping, Bulk Order Discounts, Special Gift for VIP Clientele Annually and that's just the beginning

Today, the hair market is progressively energetic. Numerous Vietnamese virgin hair company names have been set up. In any case, with the honorable mission of giving the most delightful and most moderate items to shoppers, each Vietnamese hair factory consistently had its extraordinary situation in the clients' hearts.

III. Top 5 standard to make a good quality Vietnamese hair factory

Good quality Vietnam hair factory

1. Vietnamese hair factory must own manufacturing license

One of the biggest barriers to buying hair online is trust. The entire buying process happens online, so the trust of the brand you will be working with is extremely important. If you purchase hair from an online supplier, you must make sure that it is a trustworthy hair supplier. A trusted Vietnamese hair factory must have its own manufacturing license.

2. Vietnam hair factory must have Standard Production scale and facilities

It is a fact that only 10% of hair suppliers are hair factories, and 90% are trading companies and mark them as hair manufacturers. Working with trading companies is not a bad thing, if you are a small client then working with trading companies sometimes brings many benefits. However, if you are a big client (quantity order from 10kg), then working with the factory will give your business huge advantages. 

To determine if you are working with a factory or with a trading company contact and ask to see their production scale and facilities.

3. Vietnam hair factory must have business registration certificate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Well, as mentioned above, your entire buying process takes place online, so it is extremely important to verify the credibility of the hair supplier. A reliable hair supplier cannot be without a business certificate. This is one of the prerequisites of a legitimate business.

4. Vietnam hair factory must have skilled human resources and hair experts

At Vietnam hair factories, the quality of human resources directly affects the quality of products, the more skilled workers are, the higher the productivity, the more beautiful the products and vice versa. All workers of Vietnamese hair factories must be well-trained, professional and have at least 5 years of experience in the hair industry. In addition, Vietnamese hair factories also need a team of hair experts to analyze and evaluate the quality and standards of each product line.

At VQ Hair Factory, the training and development of human resource quality is always focused and is one of the top concerns of the business.

First, workers must have a certificate of graduation from training courses in the field of hair extensions.

Second, must have at least 5 years of working experience in the field of hair extensions.

Third, the product quality control team must be the leading experts in hair extensions, responsible for checking and evaluating product quality at each stage. Only qualified products are allowed to be shipped to customers.

Finally, the sales representatives who are in charge of negotiating contracts, ordering hair and taking care of customers must be fluent in foreign languages, have in-depth knowledge of hair extensions, and keep up to date with market trends.

5. Vietnam hair factory must have strict production and censorship process

Last but not least, in order to create consistent quality hair extensions, the production line at a Vietnamese hair factory must have a strict quality control process.

At VQ Hair Factory product quality is always on top. To ensure consistent product quality, we have built and implemented a perfect quality control system with separate quality monitoring and evaluation objectives for each department: production, research, office department... to ensure the best quality products for customers.

VQ Hair Factory is proud to be the leading hair manufacturer in Vietnam reaching 5 Standards of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. If you are in the wholesale hair business, to ensure that you are protected by law and government it is very important to work with a trusted hair factory.

IV. Why should you choose Vietnamese hair vendors?

1. Raw Vietnamese hair is the best

Vietnamese raw hair is known as the purest, black and thick hair, originating from a Southeast Asian country, specifically Vietnam. It is cut directly from one or multiple donors.

Women living in Vietnam follow a healthy lifestyle, their hair is rarely dyed or used chemicals, which affects the quality of Vietnamese raw hair.

Vietnamese hair is mainly collected from the women living in the high mountains, where their hair is not affected by the sun, the hair is strong and soft and 80% of hair is cutted from women aged 18-25.  Vietnamese raw hair is the favorite hair type of many hair experts around the world.

Best raw Vietnamese hair vendors

2. Skillful workers to manufacture the best perfect hair products

Vietnamese workers are famous for their diligence, skillfulness, and experience. Therefore, each hair bundle is meticulously made by the skilful hands of professional craftsmen and is amended many times to ensure the most unadulterated quality. In addition, the raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers with the development of the industry are improving hair production machines and materials.

3. Affordable price

As we said above, the raw Vietnamese hair factory is famous for its diverse and advanced workforce with modern technology. This helps reduce the cost of Vietnamese hair, thereby increasing your profit.

V. Compare between Vietnamese hair factory and Chinese hair factory Indian hair factory and Cambodian hair factory

There are many choices of hair suppliers, maybe wondering about hair quality and price, compare the factories of 3 countries Vietnam, India, and China

5.1. Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnam hair factory suppliers are very famous for their good hair quality and reasonable price. Long-term use of long hair can be up to 2 years if customers know how to take proper care. Reasonable prices estimated, from only 8.9 USD/bundle.

Vietnam hair factory

5.2. Chinese hair factory

The Chinese hair factory is widely known for its industrial scale, so the products will have a relatively low cost. More China has available cheap labor and progress in the increasing use of technology. Therefore, this will be a fairly large hair supply market. The estimated price is 7.9$

Chinese hair factory

5.3. Cambodian hair factory

Cambodian hair is a popular option for many women because it's incredibly lightweight and blends well with almost all hair types. Additionally, Cambodian hair is slightly coarse in nature which gives it the ability to curl well. Equally, its quality is less damaged with dyes and coloring. Its price is the same with Vietnamese hair and Malaysian hair.

Cambodian hair factory

5.4. Indian Hair Factory

India is a country with a large population, numerous supplies of hair, and cheap labor. Indian hair products are much lower than Vietnamese and Chinese hair factory suppliers. With 6.7 USD you can get a pack and we can't get such good quality hair for a lower price.

Indian hair factory

5.5. Pros and cons of hair factories

Hair suppliers are divided into two categories: one is the trading company (who has close relationship to the major hair factories), the other is the hair factory.

Majority of hair importers wish to work directly with hair factories. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a hair factory?

Pros of hair factories: 

  • Good price: Buying directly from the factory helps you get a better price when buying from hair distributors.

  • Consistent product quality and strictly controlled by the manufacturing facility

Cons of hair factories:

The downside to buying at hair factories is that hair factories usually only prioritize the production of large orders. If you place a small order, buying  hair from Vietnam hair factories is not a good option, moreover many factories do not even accept small orders.

Thus, if you are a large hair business (regularly with orders of 10kg or more), cooperation with hair factories will bring many benefits in terms of price and product quality. Conversely, if you own a small business, cooperation with commercial companies is recommended.

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VI. Steps To Find A Reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory To Be Your Vendor?

There are step-by-step methods by which you can find the best Viet Hair factory and manufacturer in Vietnam. Including:

Find Vietnam hair vendors step by step

#1 Look for potential hair extension manufacturers in Vietnam

The hair extension industry is growing quite strongly, so it is not difficult for you to find a supplier that meets your criteria. You can search for hair distributors online on Google, or even through other informal organizations like Instagram or Twitter. Honestly, online media has an extraordinary ability to associate you with your hair distributor.

#2 Evaluate and select Vietnam hair vendors

After finding several suppliers, you can use criteria to evaluate the supplier to choose the most suitable one. The criteria to select suppliers can be mentioned such as prestige, operating time in the market (at least 5 years), ... 

From these suggested supply quotes, you will consider comparing the best option in terms of price for wholesale hair bundles and hair quality. You should consider the supplier brand, warranty policy, and after-sales service to choose the most accurate.

#3: Ask for details about the hair

In step 2 you will continue to communicate with the supplier that is evaluated and selected in step 3. This communication is to discuss more deeply and clearly about hair. Ask for information about the hair, especially its quality, its origin - check if it is Human Hair or not. Remember that you must constantly request a hair test or video to get the option of simply assessing hair quality. And also, you should ask meticulously about the length because foreign lengths of hair are different ranging from country to country.

#4: Order product sample

If the supplier meets the hair requirements, please order the product to test. This is the last and most important step in determining product quality, warranty policy, and estimated delivery time. The best human hair factory in Vietnam will serve you attentively even though the order is quite small. 

VII. Signs showing that you are dealing with a fraudulent Vietnamese hair factory. Be Alert

7.1 No website - Not available on many social media

Reputable brands all have their own websites, for long-term business purposes and to build loyal customers. Scammers often have a way of grabbing, and do not build official communication channels such as websites, instagram pages, youtube ... Information related to business activities of the business will be updated regularly to Ensure connection with customers.

Website of Vietnam hair factory

7.2  No Brand Name & Registered company document

Proof that you are working with a legitimate company is the brand name and business registration certificate of that brand. Working with an unknown brand name in the market, without a business license increases risk of abroad purchases.

VQ hair factory best Vietnam hair supplier

7.3 Not willing to video call with you

Since the entire buying process takes place online, video calling to see samples, see production facilities, check product quality, etc. is an important step in the process of buying and selling hair overseas.  Scammers are afraid of video calling because they have no real factory, no employees, and no sample products.

7.4 No profound knowledge about hair

Employees working in all departments of Vietnam hair factories are trained and master the knowledge of hair extensions to participate in the production stages and advise customers.

Scammers often do not have the expertise and actual knowledge of hair extensions. When you work with fake companies, it's easy to find that their knowledge of hair extensions, payment methods and international shipping is very superficial.
7.5 Always urge you to pay and deposit 100% of total bill

The target of scammers is your money, so they are always in a hurry and urge you to pay. Be wary if you see this sign from your hair supplier.

In addition, when buying from Vietnamese hair suppliers, you will need to make a deposit, most suppliers will ask you to deposit about 50 - 70% of the total bill of order. But if the hair supplier requires a deposit of 100% of the total bill. Be careful, you are most likely dealing with a scammer.
7.6. Poor image and video or using stock pictures

The next sign that you are working with a fake hair supplier is poor photos and videos, as they are not a real hair factory, they will not have various pictures or videos of the product or they use images which are taken from stock or stealing from other hair suppliers. Choose and work with hair vendors that have their own photos and videos.

VQ Hair Factory is a real hair factory in Vietnam, has an official website, has a main instagram account and has its own youtube channel. Factory activities, customer orders, and products are updated regularly.

Image of vqhair

VIII. Top 5 best wholesale Vietnam hair factory in Vietnam

I have an article talking about hair vendor list 2021. But now it is 2022, we wanna name some trustworthy hair extension vendors. Based on the standards of ric hair products in Vietnam, high quality, good reviews, and reasonable price of a qualified hair factory, here are the top 5 Vietnamese Hair Factories that fully meet the standards of a legitimate Vietnamese Hair Factory. Here we are providing you with a trustworthy vendors list for hair

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The best Vietnam hair factory - VQ Hair

VQ Hair Investment Company Limited is one of the best human hair brands that fares and sells hair extensions around the world. During the 15 years of working, the organization consistently attempts its best to bring outright fulfillment and became one of the best virgin hair companies in Vietnam.

We have some expertise in exchanging regular raw hair, virgin hair, and human hair of Asian humans with numerous nations on the planet. Our items have a broad scope of shadings and sizes. The surface is consistently at its tremendous, and hair can mix very well with ladies. If you are in Vietnam, VQ Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory is located in Bac Ninh Province with the representative office in Hanoi

VQ Hair had effectively assembled a brand name for themselves and an intense situation in the global market with significant accomplices from numerous nations like Germany, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, etc. We acquired heaps of involvement over the previous years with hair business and exploration. The best weave company can comprehend the requests and assumptions for our clients well.

To wrap things up, the costs of our items are entirely reasonable. VQ Hair has a genuinely high contest with different organizations.

The transportation time and conveyance strategies are basic and quick: Choose an item - Send request - Confirm all 

Another hair company in Vietnam: Beautiful hair vietnam (web:

Beautiful hair is one of the human hair extensions wholesale distributors that supplies hair with various tones, lengths, thicknesses, and surfaces. Specifically, the raw hair manufacturer works in providing discount bulk and mass hair extensions. Clients can pick bulk hair, mass hair, tips hair, tape hair, weft hair and clasp in hair augmentations with lengths from 6 to 32 inches. Moreover, Beautiful hair likewise supplies other hair items like ponytails, hair closure, and clip in hair.

Seeking to get one of the most outstanding Southeast Asian hair vendors, they expect to carry the best items to every nation. This Vietnam hair factory has an objective to turn into a worldwide enterprise that is one of human hair brands. Additionally, they build up branches in numerous countries so clients can buy their hair augmentations all the more without any problem. The hair used is 100% Remy Virgin hair Vietnam with the greatest. They utilize Vietnamese ladies' hair, which is incredibly delicate and smooth.

A good Vietnamese hair factory: Lyn Hair Factory

Another Vietnamese hair wholesale address to refer to in the list of the best hair supplier brands is Lynhair. They strive to provide ideal human hair extensions to hair shop, hair salons all over the world. Hairvietnam is a famous Vietnamese hair supplier that has received a production license since the day they entered the hair market. They have a strong position in the human hair extensions field and are always striving to find ways to improve hair quality.

Lyn Hair Vietnam hair factory

Therefore, if you ask me about the human hair vendor list in Vietnam, I would love to recommend Lyn Hair Factory. All their staff is knowledgeable about hair extensions, so have confidence about the quality.

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Another hair company in Vietnam: Ziin hair

Ziin Hair was set up a few years ago, is the top Vietnamese hair factory, working in sending out hair to the global market and Vietnam hair salon. They continually upgrade our vision and mission to foster more and become the leading human hair exporter in the overall hair market. They generally work with the motto: "Notoriety is more significant than gold", in which we improve the quality of our items persistently to keep the client's confidence.

The development in the size of this virgin hair vendor is a strong establishment for us to create bunches of hair items that are different in textures, styles, sizes, and shadings. More than 250 laborers, with their able hands, are continually striving to make the best hair buy items with the best quality. This wholesale hair outlet has their own Southeast Asia hair factory to deliver great quality hair.

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Vietnam hair company: Hellen Hair (Whatsapp: +84 97 397 29 28)

If you have questions and want to learn more about Vietnamese hair. Then Ms.Helen is one of the experts who can help you find the answer.

Although only appearing in recent years, Hellen hair is gradually asserting its position in the hair extension industry.

Helen hair offers consumers the highest quality hair products at the most reasonable prices. In addition, they also receive a lot of compliments on excellent customer service.

Hellen hair has a variety of textures and colors to give customers diversity choices.

Hellen hair deserves to be in the top 5 Vietnamese hair suppliers because it has brought positive comments from many wholesalers from countries such as Nigeria, USA, UK, etc.

Vietnam hair company

IX. How To Start A Hair Business? How To Import Hair From A Vietnam Hair Factory?

The business of hair extensions brings huge profits to business owners. Therefore, it attracts many investments and the entry of new businesses. However, starting a business is not easy. Below VQ Hair would like to share how to start a hair business and import hair extensions from Vietnam - Step by step guide.

9.1. Step by step guide to starting a hair business

Start hair businese with Vietnam hair factory

Human hair is highly sought after for making wig and sew-in. Because human hair is loved with widespread usage, learning how to start a human hair business can be a profitable business. If you want to run a human hair business, there are several thing you should research.

  • Choose the right product: When it comes to the hair market, there are many types of hair with different textures, lengths, and colors. You need to determine what type of hair is popular? which type of hair your customers will buy a lot of: What color? What length? What texture, curly, or straight, bone straight..... Since your budget is limited, choosing the right product will help you sell more and turn your capital around faster.

  • Choose a location: You can open a brick-and-mortar retail store or an e-commerce store. If you're aiming for an online business and don't plan on opening a physical store, you'll also need to make sure the storage space is clean and well-ventilated. Human hair can be hung up and carefully preserved with plastic bags so as not to be affected by the environment.

  • Set up business accounts: To find and connect with customers, you need to research to build online channels. Think about which platform will your customers use the most: Youtube? Instagram? Tiktok? ... Plan to grow your business account and find customers.

  • Sell Accessory Supplies: This is a way to help you increase profits, customers who buy hair will also have a need to buy more items such as glue, razors and knitting needles....

  • In addition, a business plan also needs promotion programs, costs to advertise your business on online platforms. Consider these to scale your business quickly.

9.2. Best guide - How To Import Hair From A Vietnam Hair Factory?

Step 1: Determine the type of product you want to buy: What kind of hair extensions do you want to buy? Length? Color? Texture? and Quantity?

 Ex: Hair type: Weave hair; Texture: Bone straight, Color: Natural color, Length: 16 inches; Quantity; 10 kg

Step 2: Send your order details to VQ Hair Factory whatsapp number (+84962318090)

Note: If you order the color and curly or wavy texture, in order for the factory to produce the exact style you want, please send more pictures attached to the order information.

Step 3: The consultant will confirm order information and make an invoice including price of goods and shipping fee for you to check.

Step 4: If you have no questions about the invoice, you can make the payment with a deposit from 50% of the total bill.

Step 5: After your payment, our factory will start to produce the order. We need 5-15 days to produce your products, order production status will be regularly updated by our staff via video call to you.

Step 6: After the order is completed, our staff will video call and take pictures for you to check the product quality and quantity. Your order will only be shipped when you are satisfied

How to buy hair from Vietnam hair factory

X. Conclusion Of Vietnamese Hair Factory

The hair market is a potential but also extremely complex market, hair suppliers play an important role in determining the success of your business. Buying from hair suppliers on the above list will help you eliminate unnecessary difficulties and risks in the importing hair process from Vietnam hair factories. 

VQ Hair Hair Factory - Vietnam hair factory trusted by thousands of hair businesses around the world.

VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

Address Factory: Dong Bich village, Dong Tho commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province

Representative Office: Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline/ WhatsApp: +84 962 318 090


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