Top 5 best wholesale hair vendors in Brazil

Is Wholesale hair vendors in Brazil the best choice for you? Do thick and silky Brazilian hair extensions excite you? The article of VQ Hair will give you the most complete view of Brazilian hair and the top top hair vendors in Brazil.

I. Overview about wholesale hair vendors in Brazil

Currently, hair suppliers in Brazil are increasing by the profit margin of the hair industry. Brazil is also one of the places where there is an abundant source of raw hair for export to other countries in the world. When the demand for hair extensions is increasing, Brazil is really a "delicious piece of cake" for those who are looking to start-up hair business.

The main source of hair is in Brazil mostly from the South American area. Brazilian hair donors are mainly 18-40 year old women with thick and strong hair. On the other hand, Brazilian wholesale hair vendors really compete not only in quality but also in price. 

1.1. Price 

Price of Wholesale hair vendors in Brazil

If you compare the price of hair, wholesale hair vendors in Brazil have a higher price than suppliers from Vietnam or China. To explain this difference, hair vendors in Brazil really have an advantage in the source of hair materials, but in return, the labor cost and production technology here are quite high. Therefore, hair vendors in Brazil all have to push up prices to offset other costs and not to affect profits.

So those who intend to start-up hair business need to consider carefully because the price of hair suppliers in Brazil will not be good.

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1.2. Quality

Speaking of the quality of South American donor hair, these are women with long, dark hair and natural curls. However, their appearance will not look too shiny and thick like Vietnamese hair.

There is no denying that Brazilian hair is of high quality because the hold and durability of the hair is really great. From the rigorous selection of input hair materials, to the processing stages to produce great hair extensions, weave hair, closure / frontal product lines. Therefore, hair suppliers in Brazil always bring confidence in hair quality to customers and partners.

Quality of Brazilian hair wholesale

1.3. Products

To meet the market's demand for hair extensions, product diversity is an important customer-oriented factor. Understanding this problem, trading companies or wholesale hair vendors in Brazil all provide customers with a wide selection of hair products. 

Some popular hairstyles in Brazil such as: Brazilian body wave virgin hair, water wave hair bundles, virgin human hair kinky curly, loose deep wave virgin human hair weft… With many years of experience in the field of hair production and trading, hair suppliers in Brazil will rarely let mistakes happen in terms of texture or color.

Best Wholesale brazilian hair products

II. Top 5 best wholesale hair vendors in Brazil

Finding the best hair vendors will be easy once you read our article. Let's take a look at the top 5 wholesale hair vendors in Brazil with VQ Hair:

2.1.   Unice – A famous Brazilian hair manufacturers

Unice hair vendor offers a wide scope of hair items made totally of human virgin hair, including winds around, extensions, hairpieces, closure, and frontals in each style and variety. Trendy and comfortable, this one of Brazilian hair vendors empowers you to acquire a characteristic augmentation of yourself at a sensible cost.

2.2. Tedhair – a good review wholesale Brazilian hair

Tedhair is a large and reputable hair supplier in the market. Tedhair offers high quality virgin Brazilian hair products with a variety of textures, colors and hair grades. With wide coverage, Ted hair has provided more than 30,000 hairstylists and stores. However, the high cost is also an obstacle for them to approach hair business startups. 

2.3. Nadula

Brazilian hair is one of the best selling hair types in Nadula. The variety in products has brought Nadula a huge number of customers with many attractive choices. If the price issue is ignored, customers coming here can choose most of their favorite and hot products. Customers report that the service quality in Nadula is quite good and the advice is quite accurate.  

2.4. Mega Beauty Supply 

When it comes to the variety of hair extensions, Mega Beauty cannot be compared with Nadula or Tedhair. However, in return their products are very carefully selected. In addition to hair extensions, Mega Beauty also provides eyelash and hair care products for customers in need.

2.5. Virgin Cabelo 

Virgin Cabelo Ltd is located at R. da Consolacao, 4668 Cerqueira Cesar, Sao Paulo with 10 years of experience in the field. With main products such as Brazilian Virgin Human Hair, Virgin Human Hair, Human Hair, Peruvian Human Hair,... Cabelo has reached thousands of customers living in Brazil.

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III. Some notes when buying from suppliers in Brazil so as not to be scammed

When looking for a wholesale hair vendors in Brazil, what should you keep in mind?
Wholesale hair vendors in Brazil give an assortment of hair things that are created from Brazilian hair manufacturers. In any case, the accessibility of Brazilian hair is exceptionally restricted, hence this is just a term utilized by hair suppliers to sell at a more exorbitant cost promptly. Many customers have left good reviews about them on their website as well as on the social media which is really markable.

So pay attention to the following 5 points before cooperating with any hair supplier in Brazil:

  1. Make sure your hair supplier in Brazil has an exact headquarters address that you can check.

  2. Legal documents issued by the competent authority are one of the important factors involved in determining whether or not such a supplier exists.

  3. Your questions will be answered accurately and quickly by reputable hair suppliers with many years of experience. 

  4. Video calls or meetings will also help you avoid being scammed when choosing a provider.

  5. Using samples and testing is an important step before you decide to order in bulk.

Be smart shoppers and choose the best supplier for you.

IV. Why should you choose wholesale Brazilian virgin hair?

We will talk about some great things about Brazilian hair:

- It has a medium thickness and can be fit with many hair textures which is really economical for you if you do not have much money.

- It has long durability in most conditions.

But there are not OK things compare to other Asian hair:

- The price is higher than human hair from any Asian countries with the same quality

- There are limited to buy, mostly fake wholesale Brazilian hair.

- It’s really difficult to find REAL Brazilian hair manufacturers.

With practically similar quality and a significantly less expensive value, certain Asian nations, like Vietnam, India, and China are at present the ideal elective decision. Those nations give Brazil, yet in addition tremendous amounts to specific African and European countries like Nigeria, Russia, the United States, etc. If you actually need to dive deeper into selling Brazilian hair, please get more information about the product and ask some experienced people in this field to share your idea with.
Find a good wholesale hair vendors for your hair business today! 

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