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You are a newbie in hair business? So probably you want to know “How to start a hair business?”However, you don’t have enough budget to start your hair business? If you have the same questions, then this post is for you! All tips to run hair success are revealed here!

There are many different ways for you to starting a hair business. We also understand the difficulties to sell human hair with lots of questions such as: how to sell hair, where to sell hair?... This is why we’re here to inform you of the precious information to become a reliable hair vendor.

To answer "How to start a hair business with no money?"

If you really want to selling hair bundles but you do not have money, there is still 2 options for you to follow. One is to get your own affiliate link, now a lot of hair factories in Vietnam offer you that. You can share this affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing or any website that you can create a link. With each successful purchase, you can get about 10-15% of the hair product price. The commission will increase incredibly if more people click on your link and buy human hair extensions.
Another way is that you can contact directly with a Vietnamese hair factory to be their hair retailer. It is a good way to get started in “how to sell hair bundles?” if you are not sure if you are ready to commit to starting your own hair brand.


4 steps to sell human hair

Successful people are the ones who always have careful preparations for any work they do. Plans and complete preparations are keys to success. Follow these 6 magic tips to start your hair business successfully!


1. Researching the hair bundles in the weave industry is the first step of “how to start a hair business?”

Before selling hair bundles, you have to answer the primary question of your target market "Where to sell hair?". The good advice is selling hair online. Online is a potential environment if you want to make profits in this modern world. At the moment, people just need a smartphone or laptop, tablet, stay at home and surf on the websites to buy goods. The significant advantage of it is convenient for clients worldwide. And this will effectively accelerate your business.

When you sell human hair, it’s important to determine whom you are targeting. When you know the insight of your customers' such as ages and races, then you can offer hair bundles, weft hair for them. Even, it’s better for you when creating a meticulous plan to estimate how much money from selling hair online.

When you jump into the hair extensions industry, you should have knowledge about human weaving, the different types of human hair. Besides that, you have to know the differences between synthetic and human hair weaves which is necessary for you to guide your customers. For example, someone wants to buy a 20-inch weft of Remy hair, it would be terrible you do not know anything about it. You need to be able to advise your customers on the advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese hair weave, hair extensions. You should prepare a hair products foundation to be ready for “how to start a hair business?”.
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2. Figure out the reliable hair bundle vendors

2.1. Good hair vendors to start a business

A step of “how to start a hair business?” is finding good hair bundle vendors. I know that nowadays, many hair wholesale suppliers are so bad that they just care about their profits and deliver poor-quality hair products to others. Therefore, to answer “Can you sell hair?”, you really need to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory to fulfil your customers’ pleasure with high-quality human hair extensions. Moreover, you should choose cheaper hair places to buy Vietnamese wholesale hair to gain more money.

Seeking a trustworthy human hair factory is not complicated but not simple. You can search on Google, and it will show you a ton of results. Then you can short out the list and choose one that you feel this business really has a hair factory like us — VQ Hair, not just a trading company. Be careful and best wishes!


2.2. Tips for “how to start a hair business” is to find the best hair wholesale vendors.

Lots of many people and hair companies who told you that they are hair factories. But actually, they are not. Here are some tactics for you to find a great hair vendor.

- Most hair distributors now buy in bulk from Chinese hair factories then resell them, or they manipulate you with a black hair media vendor list. You should contact at least 10 wholesale human hair suppliers.

- Talking, making the video calls more with the sales. If they are willing to support you and do not urge you to pay, they are definitely from a good hair factory.

- Order the first time as the sample for the following orders. Please just order a small quantity at the beginning to check their hair extensions quality such as 100% human hair, texture, the characteristic. Normally, customers will make a purchase with 20-inch human hair bundles with Closure/Frontal.


3. You need to start selling hair online

Agreeably, online shopping has completely changed the way we do business. In the guide for “how to start a hair business?”, my advice is that you really should think about selling hair online. In the 4.0 era, it would be a mistake if you take advantage of the Internet, you will not regret it for sure.

First, you need to begin with setting up and posting your human hair products frequently to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... If you have more time and patience, think about creating blogs on some writing platforms about hair bundles tips, weave length charts for instance... to provide more helpful information for your customers. Add more, you can use the money to boost your hair business to your target audiences.

So “how to become a hair vendor in the United States?”, you have to know the insight of the customers there. Where you can get it? On social media platforms. According to a reliable study, more than 80% of Americans have at least 1 social media profile. And of course, the prominent competitor – Facebook is the leader with nearly 2 billion users worldwide. A Facebook business page is an ideal way to reach out to your potential customers with a good conversion.

But Facebook may not be the best place to promote selling hair bundles. Instagram might bring you more profit with more potential with an easy-to-use platform. You just need to post a photo on the newsfeed with a few words if you like. In my opinion, Instagram makes it easy to show off your Vietnamese human hair extensions and build customer engagement.

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4. Getting an in-store hair business is a good beginning for “how to start a hair business?”

This is the answer to the question “Where to sell hair?”. It’s perfect if you have your own physical store where you can communicate directly with your customers. Your human hair brand will be known in the community. Moreover, to accelerate your hair store, you can sponsor hair shows, fashion shows... Another tip for you is donating hair to help make Vietnamese hair wigs for people who have lost hair due to cancer.  

Intensive knowledge of Vietnamese hair wigs

Your customers need to be sure that they do not use their hard-earned money on an invisible product. It would be a big plus if your customers can see the hair products in person. If you do not have enough money selling hair bundles, you can contact local hair salons to see if they are fascinated in showing some of your hair weaves. Some might be your potential customers.

How much can you earn from starting a hair business?

Before you think “How to start a hair business?”, probably you know that if you run hair success, you can earn a lot of money. Undeniably, selling Vietnam Remy hair is really profitable. You can avoid making ends meet, even can afford all of the family expenses.

How much does hair sell for?

There are many factors to decide “how much does hair sell for?”. We can name some of them such as textures, lengths, the quality of hair bundles. Moreover, if you wanna sell black hair bulk, the cost will be lower than colored hair like pink weave, blonde bundles... Some examples for you to estimate your hair products:

- 24 inches of red hair bundles for sew in virgin hair could be $1000

- 15 inches of Vietnamese hair bundles straight can be $100

- 3 wholesale human hair bundles with frontal could be upward $300

Another significant facet is the hair factory where do you buy wholesale hair extensions from? I can surf VQ Hair website – they have a REAL Vietnam hair factory and they will accompany you with great support and sell at a lower price than other raw Vietnamese hair vendors. (Click HERE if you wanna know the best raw hair factory in the world)


How to price hair bundles to sell?

One part of “how to start a hair business?” is to assess how much the cost of virgin hair extensions should be sold. To answer this question, it depends on where do you target to sell hair weave. For example, if you want to sell Vietnamese Virgin Hair to customers who live in European countries, you can sell hair at a higher price than in Nigeria. However, the quality of double drawn hair, Remy hair need to be impeccable. Otherwise, your customers in the Western area will not be delighted and you will lose your potential income.

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To conclude: "How to start a hair extension business?"

Hair extensions are more and more popular, especially for women. If you’re interested in hair extensions industry, you should plan to sell human hair as soon as possible before it’s too late. This article is for you to answer “how to start a hair business?”. Therefore, you can understand more about hair products and how to sell hair bundles.
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If you don’t have any budgets and wanna figure out “how to start a hair business with no money?”, you can contact hair suppliers to create your own affiliate links and earn commissions. We also suggest you with 2 options is selling hair online or running a physical human hair extensions store if your money is enough. This way will promote your hair business successfully.

We hope that our heartfeltly sharing about “how to sell hair?” will help you feel confident starting a hair business. Please consider work with VQ Hair – one trustworthy Vietnam hair company. VQ Hair only provides Vietnam human hair: Virgin hair, Remy hair, weft extensions..
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Good luck to you and keep in mind that be wiser to become one of the hair bundle vendors.


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