Best wholesale virgin hair vendors 2022

If you are a virgin hair wholesale, you’ll want to find the best hair vendors with the cheapest wholesale price and start your hair business. So among hundreds of wholesale virgin hair vendors currently on the marketplace, how do you know which good hair vendors for you? Today, VQhair will provide you with how to find and list the best hair suppliers today.

I. List of Best hair vendors around the world 2022

1. VQ hair Factory

Rating: ★★★★★

#1 Best hair vendors 2006

Customer service:24/7 online

VQ Hair Best wholesale virgin hair vendor

Launched in 2006 with a weave hair factory, VQ hair has been affirmed brand and quality in the market. They provide Raw Vietnamese hair, Virgin hair weave, 100% human hair bundles, closures vs frontals with custom textures, colors and lengths.

Each VQhair's product is not simply the beauty of the hair, it is a representation of each individual's fashion and personality. 

VQ Hair always accompanies the beauty of women around the world. They strive to continuously increase investment in research and development as well as provide high-quality products to meet customer expectations. VQ hair Vietnam company will be a hair beauty partner to bring satisfaction when meeting customers.

2. Beauty Forever hair

Rating: ★★★★★

Birth of Beautyforever: 2016

Beauty Forever top the best hair vendors

One of the top hair suppliers in the world cannot be without Beauty Forever. The product identification feature of Beauty Forever is the cute packaging with a lovely pink color. And if it comes to product quality, no smell - no tangles - softness is what you will feel.

This hair company sources 100% unprocessed virgin hair with high quality. Takes heat and dye well and maintains a great curl pattern for a long time. 

3. Nadula hair

Rating: ★★★★

Birth of Nadula: 2017

Nadula great hair vendor

Nadula is known as one of the beauty ambassadors in the world. People remember Nadula with hair products that bring natural, luxury and durable beauty. They provide weave hair products, hair bundles with closure and wigs with 100% remy human hair. 

Nadula's main source of hair is mainly from Brazilian hair in various textures, lengths, colors, and packings. 

4. Lyn hair

Rating: ★★★★

Birth of Lyn hair: 2012

human hair factory

Lyn Hair is a famous hair brand with a variety of hair such as weft hair, bulk hair, tape in hair, clip in hair..... Lyn Hair Factory has beautiful premium human hair in all textures. Indeed, Lyn Hair has constantly researched and developed various hairstyles for customers with the motto "new hair, new life".

Lyn Hair provides all products from human hair weave, hair extensions, wigs, bundles with closure to hair accessories. 

5. Unice hair

Rating: ★★★★★

Birth of Unice hair: 2006

Unice hair best virgin hair vendors

Unice is loved by customers for two reasons: affordable prices and diverse products. They are a popular brand that sells 100% unprocessed virgin human hair and they offer a variety of options from hair weaves, lace closure, hair accessories and wigs. They offer high quality virgin human hair that is soft, thick with no shedding - no tangle - no synthetic or chemicals.

II. What Are The Best Virgin Hair Vendors Wholesale (Suppliers)?

What are the best virgin hair vendors wholesale? -  This is definitely the big question when starting or expanding your hair business.  Choosing a great hair vendors will be directly related to the hair quality and the profit you can earn.

Pay attention to the following characteristics to know if it is a good hair vendors: 

  • First, the wholesale price must be the lowest. Compared to the retail price, it is really profitable to sell wholesale to local retail stores or online. 

  • Providing the best quality hair whether you are in bundles of hair wholesale or a small amount of procurement to ensure your customer satisfaction. 

  • Next, the best hair vendors must have a large amount of hair ready to ensure timely delivery of large orders. These will be orders that exceed the usual quantity or have special requests from customers.

  • Ultimately, it's about making sure the delivery is on time. Make sure that you will always be able to communicate quickly and solve problems easily with best hair vendors. Remember, you only need to be late to deliver an order, you will lose that customer forever.

III. How To Find Good Hair Vendors?

How to find a trusted best hair vendors with good quality? Not the greatest and the cheap are fantastic. So the most appropriate to us is awesome. What we ought to do is to find which is the most suitable for us. 

- Assuming you need to begin a hair business, you should attempt an ever-increasing number of brands of hair items to find which is the most reasonable for your clients. Possibly you want to try some modest ones or some great ones with more significant cost. 

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-  In case you are a hair specialist, you would better pick an excellent virgin hair seller, because the majority of your clients might have to style the hair if the hair quality is terrible, it will influence your business, and you won't get cash or even lose your clients. 

- In the event that you mean to change your hair weave vendor, you should observe one to be an acceptable quality human hair provider at a reasonable price. It is better for you to seek a hair factory because the price you get is cheaper than you get from a trading hair organization.

IV. Where To Find The Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors?

There are two options when you look for the best hair vendors:

  1. Search through trading online wholesale sites such as  Aliexpress, Alibaba, Ebay or Amazon. However, to be present on such large wholesale sites, suppliers need some fees, so the selling price will increase to make up for this difference.

  2. The second and most popular way is to buy directly from reputable hair factories or official hair distribution stores. You’ll buy cheaper virgin human hair bundles wholesale.

V. What qualification should the company have if you need to cooperate?

  1. The company should have some official and legal certificates

  2. Security and product return policy must give notoriety and ensure maximum benefits for customers

  3. The company should be a factory will be better, because a factory will be more potent than a trading company. A hair factory will ensure that you are not limited in quantity when ordering because its supply is very abundant. Moreover, the price of the product will be something you don't have to think about when you choose it.

VI. Need To Know About The Hair Vendors You’re Buying From

In case you are searching for the best wholesale virgin hair vendors, somewhat more exploration is an outright should. Here are a few things: 

  • Orders and Reviews: You should attempt to just buy hair from merchants that have finished minimum 300 orders, have a high evaluation of 93% or more. The providers should be with a large number of positive criticisms. 
  • Search For Reviews on YouTube: Look at their web-based media profiles, and watch a few survey recordings on YouTube before attempting another merchant. Attempt to search for unsponsored recordings as well, for the most impartial suppositions. 
  • Search For Reviews With Pictures: Some incredible clients post pictures with their audits. This can assist you with finding out what the hair really resembles. 
  • Purchase Unprocessed Hair: Pre-ombre/bleached and so forth, hair can be hazardous. Attempt to buy hair that is as natural as possible. 
  •  Opening Years: Perceive how long they've been doing business. 
  • Content and Service: Peruse the with regards to pages, and check whether they give client assistance whether by telephone or email with fast correspondence.If so,, you can trust the sellers 
  • Merchandise exchange: Having a merchandise exchange shows the supplier is particular about their items. If you're not fulfilled, they permit you to return the hair for a full discount (minus transportation fee) as long as the hair hasn't been modified.
  • Quick Shipping: Ask how long you will get the hair.

 VII. Why did I suggest you wholesale Vqhair Virgin Hair Weave?

VQ Hair wholesale hair vendors

​​VQ Hair is a wholesale raw virgin hair vendors that has its own factory that has proven products including hair bundles, closures, frontals and raw Vietnamese hair.

  1. Premium quality: VQ hair’s product is 100% pure human virgin hair. The quality of Vietnamese hair does not have any disadvantages, it is extremely soft, smooth and durable. 

  2. Best wholesale price: With the same quality as other brands' products in the same segment, VQhair has lower prices and special offers for large orders.

  3. VQ has a professional sales team: You will not need to worry about any problems when choosing VQ because the professional sales team will handle all questions and complaints.

  4. 24/7 customer service: Online customer care team is always there to support customers


VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

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