Top 5 Raw hair vendors wholesale 2022

Do you know any reputable Raw hair vendors? Do they really offer the right kind of pure raw hair? To understand more about raw hair to find the best raw hair vendor for your hair business, don't skip this article. Top 5 best raw hair wholesale in the world will really help your pocket now and in the future!

I. Overview about Wholesale raw hair vendors for your hair business

Whether you are a newbie or a person who has been in the raw hair business for a long time, do you really understand the origin as well as its characteristic properties? Choosing a reputable raw hair supplier has never been easy if you do not know the information we provide below.

1.1. What are Raw hair vendors?

Raw hair vendors is a trading hair company or a hair factory that has a sales department to sell it directly to customers and clients. Nowadays, many trading hair suppliers pretend that they have hair factories. Still, they DO NOT own any hair factories. So there, many clients/customers have been lied to for a long time. 

Raw hair vendors

And what is raw hair?

Raw hair from the best raw hair wholesale is 100% pure hair material, taken directly from hair donor (the donor’s hair must be straight, not curly or dyed hair). Normally, the weight of hair is a bundle of 100g. Let’s see more about the typical characteristics and quality grades of raw hair from a hair vendor wholesale below.

1.2. Characteristics of Raw Hair from Wholesale raw hair vendors

First of all, qualified raw hair is 100% human hair that is not processed with chemicals or mixed with other hair types. Unless the customer requests to cut and steam or bleach or dye raw hair, the supplier will proceed with the processing as required.

As you know, if the raw hair is taken from 1 donor, it is usually not much because each person's hair is limited. Therefore, in order to obtain 100 - 200g of pure raw hair, suppliers must perform a careful collection process to obtain the desired volume of hair.

Bleached raw hair bundles wholesale

Then, when buying raw hair from best raw hair vendors, you need to remember that:

- Raw hair comes from hair donors which must be intact, not dyed or styled hair. The source of hair from the donor must be 100% natural hair. The best wholesale hair vendors will always be able to ensure 100% pure raw hair. 

- To be assessed as raw hair, the donor must ensure that the hair has not been subjected to previous chemicals or must be evaluated by hair experts.

As long as the raw hair is qualified and is supplied by reliable wholesale raw hair companies, it will satisfy users with the great ability to be bleached to the lightest tones! This is such an outstanding feature of raw hair.

- It is completely possible to bleach up to colored 613 hair with raw hair because they have never been treated with chemicals, so it is easier to bleach than types like remy or non-remy hair.

It is completely possible to bleach colored 613 hair with raw hair because they have never been treated with chemicals, so it is easier to bleach than types like remy or non-remy hair.. This is especially true for virgin raw hair.

Characties of raw hair from raw hair vendor

At the VQ Hair factory in Vietnam, each bundle of raw hair is 100g. We do not combine hair of 2 people into 1 virgin hair bundle because their hair characteristics are not the same, so it can’t be bleached to color 613.

II. The types of raw hair bundles from raw hair manufacturer

There are three main types of Raw Hair: raw virgin, raw remy hair, and raw non-remy hair. You need to understand clearly to not be confused between raw hair and virgin hair when buying. Some fake raw hair factories have taken advantage of this misunderstanding to sell silk hair at the price of whole hair to make more profits.

Types of Raw Virgin hair wholesale

2.1. Raw Virgin Hair from wholesale raw virgin hair

Raw virgin hair from the best raw hair vendor is the most OK quality raw hair extension only cut from a single donor and has no chemicals added. Thus, raw human hair suppliers are very strong, soft, and silky. Virgin hair is always the ideal style for any fashion hairstyle.

2.2. Raw Remy Hair from raw bundles wholesale

Although raw remy hair is also 100% natural hair without chemicals, they are taken from 2-3 donors. However, they will still secure the cuticle in one direction to ensure it remains smooth and tangle-free. Pure fairy hair is still standard for many hairstyles and is highly appreciated by customers and brings lots of profits.

2.3. Raw Non-Remy hair from Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors

Raw Non-remy hair is often underestimated because its origin is obtained from many donor sources. Therefore, although it is still untreated hair, because the quality of donated hair is different, the quality is not uniform. Hence, its rate is lower than the other hairs above from raw virgin hair vendors and remy ones.

III. How to choose the best wholesale raw hair vendors?

Not all raw hair suppliers guarantee 100% of their hair is raw hair. So, please refer to some of the tips that we show below to find the best raw hair vendors for you.

3.1. Factors that make up a reputable raw hair supplier

Reputable raw hair vendors

Let's take a look at 3 typical factors of a reputable raw hair supplier as follows: 

  1. Transparent information: All information related to wholesale hair suppliers such as business licenses, product price lists, purchasing and shipping policies, warranty policies, etc. must be made public and provided to customers from time to time.

  2. Ready for dialogue: The hair vendor is always ready to answer questions as well as provide all the information that customers need. A reputable hair supplier will not hesitate to answer your questions because they have all the information in the wholesale hair market.

  3. Professional customer service: Unlike unscrupulous suppliers who only care about your pocket, reputable suppliers always give you a really good buying experience from sales staff to customer service staff after purchase.

3.2. Step to step to find a reputable raw hair vendors

Let's take the following steps with VQ hair to find a really good hair supplier!

  1. Select a hair vendors list: This is the fastest way for you to see how many suppliers can provide the products you need before choosIng the most suitable supplier.

  2. Classification of suppliers: please contact, consult and see which suppliers really meet the criteria of a reputable hair supplier.

  3. Buy samples and try the product: Although many people will feel this step may not be necessary, it is extremely important. It makes it easy to compare the actual quality of the same product from many different suppliers.

  4. Choose the best raw hair vendors: And finally, choose the best provider after what you have tested. Trust your choice and successful hair business.

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IV. Top 5 Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors in the world

There are many types of hair in the world with very diverse origins such as: raw Vietnamese hair, raw Indian hair, raw Brazilian hair, raw Cambodian hair, raw Chinese hair… We offer you top 5 raw hair vendors wholesale that represent the best in the world. 

4.1. VQ Hair Factory – Best Wholesale Vietnamese hair vendors 

Raw Vietnamese hair is no stranger to hair traders because of its quality. VQ Hair Factory is rated as the top 1 best raw hair companies in Vietnam. With an output of at least 7 tons/month, VQ Hair is a prestigious address providing leading hair in major hair extensions consuming markets such as the United States, Nigie, Canada...

VQ hair factory – top 1 best hair vendor has experienced almost 20 years of 100% raw Vietnamese hair with excellent quality, chemical-free, and lint-free, tangled, and unprocessed.

Best wholesale raw hair vendors

This raw hair factory offers excellent quality, chemical-free, and lint-free hair at wholesale prices. You can also order small quantities for personal use or sample orders. To place an order, simply contact our representative. Hair is collected by women between the ages of 18-35 to ensure it retains its natural shine and strength.

4.2. Nadula - Wholesale Brazilian Hair vendors

Referring to Brazilian hair vendors, surely no one is unaware of Nadula. With the strength of diversified products from weave hair, lace closure frontal, virgin hair ext to wigs hair made from Brazilian hair, Nadula is the ideal destination for retail customers. 

Nadula started its business in 2001 with a small model, until now Nadula has grown tremendously in both business model and distribution market. Nadula sales policy makes customers 100% satisfied.

Nadula hair vendors

4.3. Temple hair - Indian hair vendors

For hair traders who love Indian hair vendors, Temple hair is the best choice until now. Temple hair was named No.1 Indian hair supplier in the Indian market.  

The origin of Indian hair is mainly from hair donors in temples, so the quality of Indian hair compared to other types is often not overestimated. However, this is also an ideal choice when you put the price above the quality because the price of Indian hair is quite cheap compared to the general market. 

Temple hair company

4.4.  Apsara hair - Cambodian raw hair supplier

Apsara Hair carries a wide variety of Cambodian hair products to truly help you capitalize on your investment. Similar to Indian hair, Cambodian hair also has a relatively low cost compared to the common ground.

Apsara offers raw virgin hair bundles wholesale with popular textures like Straight hair, Curly hair, Wavy hair which is suitable for the hair novice, hair enthusiast, and hair stylist.

Apsara hair company

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4.5. Honest hair factory - Wholesale Chinese hair factory

Honest hair factory is a Chinese hair manufacturer and exporter specialized in research, production, sales, and service in the field of human hair extensions. 

Just like VQ hair factory, Honest hair factory offers customers the best quality raw hair products at the most reasonable prices. Some products such as hair bundles, bundles with closure, wigs are widely supplied by Honest hair on the Chinese market in particular and the world in general.

Honest hair factory

V. Why should you choose raw hair wholesale in Vietnam?

Choose the best raw hair vendors wholesale

The characteristics and quality of raw hair from raw hair vendors in Vietnam are perfect. With its delicate quality, completion, perfection and adaptability, and the fingernail skin of the strands are in similar bearing, numerous clients guarantee that Vietnamese hair augmentation is one of the most incredible hair types in Asia. Thus, the hair extensions industry is sprouting in Vietnam now.

With the great Vietnamese hair extension audits, many individuals notice Vietnamese hair weaves. This hair can be applied flawlessly to your hair to give you an attractiveness that can stun others. 

VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

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