Free Hair Vendor List: Find the Best Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Are you learning about human hair extensions and want to start a hair business? Let us bring you the best hair vendor list! Finding the best wholesale virgin hair vendors list is not always easy. If you found this article of VQhair, I think you are really close to what you want.
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What is a Hair Vendor List?

Hair Vendor List is a list that includes the best wholesale hair suppliers for your business compiled based on customer reviews. The trend of selling hair vendor lists became popular about 5 years ago when the average annual revenue of a hair business was about $10 billion.

A good hair vendor list will bring you the best products at wholesale prices. The lists that are on sale now vary in quantity depending on the sale price.

How do you know if you found the right vendor?

Finding the right supplier is not always easy. It’s true! Here are a few ways to determine if you have a best hair vendor list:

Try Google

Search Google for raw hair vendors

If you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, go to Google and search for the phrase "Vietnamese hair factory". Here, Google will return results for information websites and other platforms that provide Vietnamese hair. 

Take the time to look at the information on their website. If a supplier invests a lot in content as well as images, it is certain that they take their products seriously. Make sure their product descriptions provide all the information you need.
You can also do a similar search when looking for hair vendors in Atlanta or Brazilian hair vendors. Google will bring you the most accurate and relevant search results. 

Try Social Media

Social Media of Raw Hair Vendors

In the current 4.0 era, social networks have great connecting power. You'll probably know your vendor's social media before you know their website. Look for hashtags that start with #, because real hair providers will have popular hashtags. For example #hairfactory or #vqhairfactory or #vietnamesehairfactory. 

Look for them to see if they have been complained by customers on social media. Even if they have a celebrity profile picture, check the legitimacy of the account to make sure you are not scammed. 

Narrowing Down Your Search

After trying with google and social networks, you were able to weed out some low-quality suppliers. Now it's up to you to contact each supplier you've selected from the list. Ask questions that you do not understand well about suppliers, products and prices, policy and payment. 

Getting To Know the Vendor

If you feel that something is shady or that a supplier makes false promises or doesn't respond within 24 hours, let's cross it off the list. You should move on to asking questions and finding out the next supplier, not wasting time with providers with bad customer service and advice. 

Above all, once you have selected a supplier, trust them and make sure your concerns will be taken care of. You will learn a lot from working with the right vendor, so be ready to work with new businesses.

Try Video Chatting With A Company Overseas

It is not easy to visit a hair factory in Vietnam unless you are living there. But don't worry, we can use video calls to communicate online and still ensure a successful transaction. Video Call to them to see product samples, and meet them online to see how their organization is doing. 

Let's assess who is a potential supplier for your business! 

Where Is the Hair From?

Make sure that the wholesale supplier buys the hair directly from the donor or straight from the source and takes care of the humanitarian issues.

Are Cuticles Intact & Aligned In the Same Direction

The cuticles are intact and in the same direction, in other words, virgin hair or raw hair. Some suppliers will say their hair is virgin hair, but watch carefully as you might mistake it for remy hair or non-remy hair.

Is the Hair Unprocessed?

This is important! If it is 100% unprocessed hair, it will be easier to curl or dye it when you buy it. You need to test it to know its true quality, but it is also a factor for you to judge the size of the supplier's business.

Are the best virgin hair vendors on List?

You will be the one with the most accurate answer to this question. 

The hair vendor list may be the best for them, but it may not be the best for you. Because that list is compiled based on the subjective opinion of the person who made it. Particularly for VQhair, our list of hair vendors is compiled based on the opinions of our customers. 

Above all, you will understand your own expectations when looking for a list of hair providers. If you are looking for Vietnamese hair, VQ hair factory is the leading supplier of virgin hair in Vietnam.

How much does a hair vendor list cost?

Depending on the number of vendors on the list, it will cost from $100 or more. But fortunately, when you have read the article sharing hair vendor list of VQ hair. We give you a completely free list of quality hair vendors. Instead of spending a fortune to buy a list that you don't know if it's good or not, try to refer to the list we have provided below.

How do I test the hair from vendors?

You can try one or more of the following ways to test the quality of your hair from the supplier of your choice.

  • Wear try 1-2 month to view the holds

  • Swiping test from top to bottom, from bottom to top to see if the hair is tangled and falling out

  • Let's consider grades of hair quality as single or double drawn hair (or 3A, 6A, 10A for the European division table)

  • Feel to see how soft it is.

  • Dye or bleach to see how it's quality

  • Try shampooing to see if your hair is discolored or falls out a lot

What are some tips on what to look out for with crappy vendors?

  • Ask many questions about their company.

  • Ask them to submit some reviews from their previous customers

  • Video call with them and have them show you everything.

  • Search on Google about the vendor

  • Request their social media pages.

  • Various forms of payment: Paypal, Western Union, etc.
Video call with raw hair vendors

Hair Vendor List 

List of hair suppliers compiled by VQ hair based on 1 million customers. We divide up different hair types so that you can easily grasp information and can choose your favorite hair supplier quickly. 

Top 5 Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendor List 

  1. VQ Hair Factory: +84 962 318 090 

  2. Beauty Forever Hair

  3. Lyn Hair Factory 

  4. Nadula hair

  5. Julia hair

Top 5 Wholesale Raw Indian Vendors

  1. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

  2. SGI Hair

  3. Indian Human Hair Factory

  4. Jaipur Hair

  5. Dhwarak Indian Hair
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Top 5 Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Vendor List 

  1. VQ Hair Factory - Best Vietnamese hair wholesale: +84 962 318 090 

  2. Beautiful Hair Store

  3. Hair Vietnam

  4. Lyn Hair Factory 

  5. Apohair

Top 5 Indonesian Hair Vendors

  1. Indonesia Hair Factory

  2. Hair Star Indonesia

  3. Boyang Industrial

  4. Bara Hair Company

  5. JC Hair Factory

Top 5 Wholesale Cambodian Hair Vendors

  1. Cambodian Raw Hair

  2. Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory

  3. Apsara Cambodia Hair Wholesale

  4. Virgin Hair Cambodia

  5. The Elect Cambodian Hair Company

Top 5 Wholesale Drop-Ship and Private Label Hair Vendors

  1. Private Label Hair Extensions

  2. Wealthy Hair

Top 5 Wholesale Wig Vendors

  1. ACME hair

  2. Beauty Stage

  3. Truscend hair (Buy Top Hair Only)

  4. Super Queen Hair

  5. Sexy Lady Hair

Top 5 613 Wholesale Hair Vendor List 

  1. VQ Hair

  2. BHS

  3. I see hair

  4. Anka hair

  5. Lyn Hair Factory

Wholesale Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

  1. Amazing Hair

  2. Fabwags

  3. Isee Hair

  4. Cexxy Hair

  5. Love Hairshop

  6. Moxika

  7. Satria Hair

  8. Becos Hair

  9. Virgo Hair

  10. Lumiere Hair

  11. New Star Hair

Wholesale Hair Vendors on Amazon

  1. Alimoda / Lemoda

  2. Cynosure

Wholesale Hair Vendors on DHgate

  1. Uglamhair

Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor

When you start working with a new vendor, you will be very worried because no one knows what will happen when you have transferred the money to them. It's not a fantasy, as there have been people who have been scammed. 

There have been many cases of receiving very beautiful and quality samples. But when transferring money to order a large shipment, they received a far different product from the sample, completely poor quality. 

Are you sure that you will find different products from the supplier in the list? Absolutely not! And best of all, there's no way the hair listing vendor will refund you when you don't find a wishlist supplier from that list.

Final Hair Vendor Thoughts

If you are looking for a reputable weave raw hair vendor wholesale, our VQ hair factory offers 100% unprocessed weave hair including product lines: hair bundles, closure vs frontal, raw Vietnamese hair, etc.

VQ hair works with over 1,000,000 clients to provide them some of the best human hair weave for the price.

Be cautious when working with suppliers, because you do not know whether you will be their customer or victim.

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